This is no ordinary car spawner! This mod allows you to spawn already tuned cars. Moreover, you don't even need to sit in the car yourself. All you need to do is press a hotkey for your desired car, the car will spawn, it will be fully tuned, and you will automatically be put into the driving seat. Hold on! To top it off, I have made the script work in a way so that it reads settings from .ini files. Anybody can edit those .ini files using notepad and adjust the properties of the spawned cars.


  1. Jester --------- TAB + J
  2. Slamvan ------TAB + V
  3. Phoenix -------TAB + P
  4. Sultan ---------TAB +S
  5. Bullet ---------TAB +S

Creative Commons License
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at mhassanuzzaman78@gmail.com.


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