Flipped, but not on fire.

Have you always thought how foolish it is that cars burn when they are upside-down in GTA San Andreas?
Have you always thought how unrealistic it is that you don't lose health no-matter what happens to your car? Now finally, with this mod, you can get rid of this folishness and make your game a little realistic.


  • With this mod, your car doesn't go up in flames of explode when it is flipped over. It stays just normal.
  • However, as is real-life, if you stay inside a flipped car, you will begin to slowly lose health until you get out.
  • The camera will begin to shake a little until your are out.
  • This mod only works for your car. It's unnecessary to make it work for other cars because they're useless to you if they are flipped, because you can't enter flipped cars. And also, the drivers would not lose health because they get out as soon as the car is flipped. So its utterly useless to make this work for other cars.
  • Tip: You can get your back up by moving the wheels left and right, again and again.

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