Need for Speed players will surely know what this mod does. Start playing with slow-mo!

  • Press H to activate.
  • Press H again to deactivate.
  • Slows down time drastically. (Very helpful, see "Usage" section below)
  • Makes your car heavy. (A good way to brace for impact)
  • Like in Need for Speed: Most Wanted, the SpeedBreaker is represented by a meter. The more the meter is filled, the longer you can use the SpeedBreaker.


Frankly speaking, there are innumerable ways in which use can use this mod. Here are a few that come to my mind:
  • Stunting with airplanes is a perfect with this mod. Try passing underneath some bridges, or between some trees.
  • Makes your car heavy so it is a good way to brace for impact. Good for ramming vehicles off the road, or for throwing people off their bikes.
  • Slow-motion gives you more to think before you act, so its good for stunting.
  • Dodging police roadblocks is the perfect use of this mod. You can carefully guide your vehicle between the cars. Your car is heavy so it will push other cars away.
  • Drivebys are also made easier, especially shooting from a bike. If you have a manual driveby mod, then this mod will help you a lot, making aiming a lot easier.
  • Helps a lot in storyline missions where you need to act fast. This mod is perfect for situations where timing means everything.

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